I Have Faith

A woman approached my business partner and I at a coffee shop yesterday while we were in a meeting. She felt

she needed to interrupt and said she had overheard us talking about home birth.


She had had three children at home and was happy that we were helping women birth in a home setting. She called it a ministry.

That word stuck to me all day. I’m not known for being a religious person but she made me realize I do have faith a lot of faith and I preach about my faith wildly. I have faith in women! I have faith in birth and in nature.

I believe in us.

Every woman has the power within her to create life and bring a child earth side. Doula “ministries” and support empower women with education of what mother nature has made them capable of. In religion we are taught to let ourselves be embraced by a higher being and if we have full trust we will be enlightened.

When women give themselves to nature and let their primal instincts take over they can reach that euphoric

state of pure light and happiness.

Birth in itself is a religious experience. It changes all who witness its power.

People rejoice, speak in tongues, and are even spiritually healed by birth. I hear in my practice from woman after woman that experiencing birth naturally changed their lives.

I have faith that we are turning a corner and more women are putting trust in themselves, nature, midwives, and

doulas; staying home surrounded by love and light to truly find their faith in a setting that nurtures the growth of love in their hearts and family. I HAVE FAITH!

Be Well,

Lauren Silk